Project & Construction Managment

With over 35 years of experience in management, Ron has been exposed to nearly every environment for project development.  A successful project requires a concerted effort by a vast number of people and companies. Ron views his position as project manager as one who is there to protect the owner, is a central point of communication, develops and monitors budgets, develops and adjusts schedules, ensures quality control, and adds value engineering for cost savings.

His experiences allows him to transfer his skills into other industries such as infrastructure and amenity development. Ensuring that the owner receives what they are paying for is paramount in Ron's approach to project management.


Golf Course Design

Having worked for and with some of the top golf course architects in golf Ron developed a simple approach to his design work. Seek out the best attributes of a given property, protect and incorporate them into the design in a manner that reflects cost efficiency, environmental sensitivity,  and is produce in a fashion that maintainable as well as economical and ecological sustainable.

As a designer who can also operate equipment, Ron often assist in maximizing the design. The Golf Club at Red Rock was a fine example. Ron artistically blended naturalness of the Black Hills with the Red Rock housing project. This was a formidable task of blending rustic terrain into an urban development.